Vanity and vanity faucet

Bathroom Remodeling in Toronto (Queen West)

We recently were contacted by a client to help him with his bathroom remodeling project.  With the growing family, their only small second floor family bathroom not only needed cosmetic renovation, but also enlargement and change of layout to better utilize existing space.

Here is the before pictures:

Bathroom Remodeling Torono

Pedestal sink and toilet will be moved in place of bath tub

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En-suite bathroom addition in Riverdale

We recently completed a project where we had to build a bathroom from scratch in place of old closet. This renovation project took place in Riverdale, one of the older neighborhoods of Toronto. Here is the before picture of the original closet.

Bathroom addition in a place of an old storage room

The bathroom is to be built here


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Beautiful Marble Bathroom Renovation in Richmond Hill

Check out a sneak peak of our recent bathroom renovation project in Richmond Hill. Our client wanted to create their dream bathroom and made it extra special with a wall to wall marble tile, black and white checkers style floors, and a beautiful crown molding to finish. Talk about royal fever, this bathroom is a real royal treat. More pictures are coming shortly.

Luxury bathroom renovation marble in Richmond Hill

Luxury bathroom renovation marble in Richmond Hill

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Gorgeous shower created in a Toronto home by remodeling the existing bathroom space. All Marble, spacious, and beautiful.

Master bathroom shower remodeling in Toronto

These are some initial before and after photos from our recent remodeling project in a Toronto home. Our clients are extatic about the results and we decided to showcase them here. Check out our Before and After Gallery for more finished projects.

More detailed photos are to come but here is a sneak peak for you.

Gorgeous shower created in a Toronto home by remodeling the existing bathroom space. All Marble, spacious, and beautiful.

Recent Bathroom Renovation Project: Marble shower, gorgeous, big, and functional.

Bathroom Renovation Before picture - beautiful and spacious shower to be created here

Remodeling for the First Time? Here’s What to Expect

If you’ve decided to remodel for the first time you might not be fully prepared for what is entailed in a not so simple renovation project. Some things you may be wondering about are, how much will it cost, how long will it take, how will I feel about the process, how can I be sure that my remodeling plan will work and other very valid questions. To get you better prepared and more comfortable for what is coming here is a list of things that are inevitable during any remodeling project.


Not matter how good a contractor blocks out a working area, there will be some dust that will get into other rooms of the house. Most of the dust will pre produced at the early stages of remodeling due to demolition and possible structural changes. Chances are that you won’t really notice it in the air, but it will definitely show more on your floors and the shelves. So during the time of renovation, it is frequently useful to open the windows and let some of the dust escape that way as well as letting fresh air in.


Do be ready for having extra annoying noise in your house while the construction is taking place. There is always that part and there is little that can be done to avoid it except for a set of earplugs. Especially during the first stage of renovation – demolition if you need to stay home or you work from home, be ready for that extra noise. Also, if you have small children who like to nap during the day, think of ways to have them take their afternoon nap at friend’s or relative’s house. The larger the remodeling project the more noise you might encounter during that period.

Enjoying the process

In remodeling, every day brings progress and checking it out from day to day is like watching your dream space take place one step at a time. It’s very fascinating to watch and sometimes you will be very surprised about some of the changes and how they create a whole different feel in your remodeled space. Happy times are ahead.

Unexpected “surprises”

You should be prepared and ready for the unexpected especially if you leave in the old house and no renovation has been done in the long time. Those are the things that could be found only after demolition. Especially when you’re renovating your bathroom or kitchen where water, condensation and vapors could do a lot of damage over the long term. Things like rotten sub floor  mold contaminated studs, bad insulation, and improper electrical cable runs etc are. If you’re aware that things might arise and that it might involve extra costs it will reduce your stress during.

Change orders

Along with surprises there are the change orders. If work is being changed or something new is being added or reduced – a change order is in place. Most often change orders happen when clients add or change what they want or due to hidden extra work. To be safe and worry less, have an extra 10 – 15% of the initial cost budgeted for your renovation project.

Remodeling blues

Sometimes you might wish that your project was over already, or you are tired of having so many people in your house all the time, or other annoyances here and there. But remember to old saying, no pain no gain, well this sometimes applies to remodeling projects as that you need to be patient and know that the little discomforts will pay off at the end so be patient and trust the process.


Be prepared also for delays along the way, and for the initial time estimate to change slightly. Things happen, factory orders might arrive late, people may get sick, and extra work may also add extra days. If that happens, it’s normal, the complexity of such projects require you to be patient and understanding that due to external factors, you contractor might need to push back on that end day.


Many decisions are coming, small and large, like types of materials, wall colors, placement, and other things that you must make up your mind about. It’s good if you are a person that always knows what they want, but if you can be indecisive, it’s better to be prepared for all the choices you have to make and maybe a friend or relative help you with the decision making.


It is usually at the end where extra care has to be taken to make it perfect. So the final touches sometimes might take a little longer to finalize everything else in the project. It is very worthwhile to trust your contractor and to understand that they value that final step as much as you value perfection and great quality. So just be prepared that they last few days may be long days for your contractor and that they might need to stay longer to finalize everything


Expect that at the end of the project you will be very happy and in love with your newly remodeled space and that you will probably want to show it off to all your friends and family. Look for accessories that might compliment the colors and style of your new space and it produce an even bigger wow effect. Don’t worry, it’s ok to brag about your project and invite people over to show off, we are all humans.

Bathtub to Shower Conversion

Many homeowners in Toronto inquire about converting their existing bathtub into shower.

From conversations with our clients we found out that a lot of people don’t have time to take a bath simply because of their busy life. It’s much more convenient to just take a quick shower and go on with your daily tasks.

More and more of our senior Torontonian clients convert their bathtubs to showers as well. It gives a person more freedom and minimizes the chance of falling on slippery tub base. It also eliminates the need of stepping over the bathtub which could result in loosing the balance and falling on the floor.

There are a few options to choose from when converting your bathtub to shower:

Custom made shower

Most people choose this option as this is the most exiting and attractive shower. Custom made showers could have many possibilities in terms of the size, configuration and appeal. You can have benches, recessed shelves, built in lighting, different types of faucets and temperature controls, tile styles, glass enclosures etc

Changing the size of the shower

If your bathroom has unused space it is possible to extend your shower beyond the original size of your bathtub making it more spacious and comfortable. Giving enough budget this could also lead to changing the layout of the whole bathroom. Reconfiguring the layout of toilet, shower and vanity could help you utilize your space in the most efficient way possible.

Installing acrylic shower base

These shower bases specially designed to replace a standard bathtub. The base features an offset drain that is designed to match with the plumbing from an existing old tub. This helps minimize adjustments to plumbing during a renovation and save on the labour cost.

Later the surrounding walls also could be tiled to customer liking same as with the customer built shower.

Installing acrylic shower stalls

Another option of how to convert a bathtub into a shower is to install prefabricated shower enclosure. This would be the most affordable option. But at the same time it does not look as good as custom made all tiled shower.