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Basement Bathroom Renovation

Bowerbird Renovations is a well known home renovation contractor in the Toronto and GTA. We have been helping homeowners in the Toronto area create custom basement bathrooms and over the years have acquired the expertise needed to do the job right.

An unfinished basement is a perfect place to add an extra bathroom to the house. If you have an unfinished basement and plan to renovate it at some point, you may consider the option of adding the basement bathroom first, without renovating the entire basement. In this way you can finish your basement in stages and postpone the expanse of doing it all at once. You just need to have an idea of the layout that you will eventually like to have, and have the additional rooms built at a later time.

Why consider adding a basement bathroom?

  • Convenience for a large family or stay over guests
  • Increase the value of the house
  • The freedom to make the bathroom as big or as small as you like and the layout that suits your needs without many constraints.
  • A bathroom is required if you are thinking of renting out the basement or having permanents guests or a babysitter for instance.

Requirements for a basement bathroom built from scratch

There are numerous consideration and requirements when building bathroom in the basement.

  • The basement is usually situated below the ground and special attention has to be paid to moisture and humidity control and waterproofing.
  • The way to achieve that is my venting the bathroom fan to the outside and using moisture resistant drywall or becker board all around the bathroom.
  • Using waterproofing membrane inside the basement shower area if there is one.
  • Using good quality insulation on the outside basement bathroom wall.
  • Creating sealed vapor barrier all around the basement bathroom outside wall.
  • Running heating and water supply to the bathroom that weren't there before.
  • Creating a leak-free drain system in the concrete floor with a proper vent.
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Options and extras for the basement bathroom

The benefit of creating a basement bathroom is that you can customize it and design the basement that is just right for your needs. These are a few options and extras that you might consider when designing your custom basement bathroom.

  • Because the basement has concrete floor, it is usually a cooler space. Hence, we recommend installing an electric heated floor in the basement bathroom for your added comfort.
  • The most common layout in the Toronto and GTA is a 3-piece bathroom that includes basement shower or a soaker tub, toilet, and vanity or a pedestal sink. If space and budget allows you can create a bigger 4-piece bathroom as well.
  • And lastly, if you want to pamper yourself by creating a large and luxurious basement bathroom - building basement bathroom from scratch is the perfect opportunity to do just that. You can create your dream, spa-like, bathroom in your own basement. We work with talented bathroom designers in the Toronto area who can help you with the design of your dream basement spa.

Why renovate with us?

Bowerbird Renovations is a renovation contractor that has been building basement bathrooms for Toronto area clients for years. We have gained the experience and knowledgeable as well as know the special requirements and options for building a brand new bathroom in the basement. When considering adding that extra bath to your house you can count on Bowerbird Renovations' expertise in this area.

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